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Dealing With The Loss Of A Child

Nov 5, 2012

When a parent outlives their child, the amount of grief, remorse, and guilt can be overwhelming.  These emotions are compounded when dealing with the matters of death that follow.


On Tuesday's Central Standard, Jabulani Leffall talks with Topekan Von Kopfman who lost his 21-year-old son in a work-related accident last year. 

They discuss how Kopfman has devoted his life to helping others through the grieving process, and has turned his experience into something positive. 

He created the website which offers resources on everything from funeral arrangements to legal counsel.  Kopfman's current project, a book of letters written to deceased loved ones, highlights the use of narrative therapy, and brought him support from an Olympic champion.

More info: If you would like to be considered for inclusion in a future edition of The Letters Project Book, send an email to or mail to The Letters Project Book P.O. Box 4088 Topeka Kansas 66604.  Von can’t promise every letter will be included but does promise that every one will be read.