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Deadline for Voter Registration in Missouri; Some are Flawed

Oct 8, 2008

Kansas City, MO – There's bound to be more uproar about irregularities in voter registration cards turned in in Kansas City by the ACORN organization. The Jackson County election board had remained silent, though disgusted with the 900 or more dubious registrants until they got a call from Fox News, according to Bob Nichols of the election board.

ACORN warned the Kansas City and Jackson County Election boards there would be some flawed registrations, and apparently sent a list of questionable names to the wrong election board, according to a Kansas City, Missouri election official. Senator Claire McCaskill says the answer is simple.

"ACORN should stop paying people who are not doing the work that they're being paid to do, says McCaskill. "I mean people are making up names because they don't want to go out and do the work."

McCaskill says the inconsiderate flooding of election officials with bogus signatures is taking the focus off of the fact that more Missourians than ever will vote in the November 4th election.