Day After Storms Officials Drive Home Importance Of Warnings

May 26, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri – People ignore severe storm warnings at their peril and yesterday's weather gave officials an opportunity to make that point.

At least one tornado touched down in South Johnson County, and another around Harrisonville, according to law enforcement officers in the area.

But many ignore the sirens and other warnings, going outside to test the air, or sky watch.

Sargent Brad Robbins with the Leawood Police Department says its hard to forecast tornado activity. He says emergency officials choose to err on the side of safety; "It's an inexact science, you don't know how fast they're moving how quickly they're moving. There are a lot of variables to it so we try and get the alerts and warnings out as quickly as possible."

In Sedalia, about 75 miles east of Kansas City, there were reports of more than 2 dozen injuries, none of them critical. The twister did do significant damage, however, to homes and businesses in Sedalia.