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Up To Date Celebrates 10 Years On KCUR

In 2002, KCUR management conceived of a new daily public affairs/news talk show. They hired newspaper political correspondent Steve Kraske to host the program and a KCUR staffer, Stephen Steigman, to produce it.

And today, Up to Date celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

(Hard to believe, eh?)

Over the last decade, we've spoken with artists, musicians, public opinion makers, physicians, philosophers, authors, critics, chefs, U.S. Presidents, Senators, Representatives, governors, and countless others. More than 2600 shows later, we're still seeking good stories and information about how people interact in society and how public policy shapes our lives.

Monday on Up to Date, Steve Kraske and Stephen Steigman revisit some of their favorite moments from the past ten years, and pull back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes work: how they put together the show, some of their highlights, and some of the "uh oh" moments since 2002.