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Council Says 'No' To No-Nukes Vote

Apr 6, 2012

After hours of hearings and the threat of a lawsuit, the Kansas City city council voted yesterday to not send the revised version of a group's latest anti-nuclear weapons initiative to a public vote.

Council committees tried twice to rewrite Peace Planters' attempt to prohibit future city involvement in plants that make parts for nuclear weapons. City attorneys had declared it unconstitutional because among other things it put demands on agencies that were not legally a part of the city.

Councilman John Sharp spoke for the majority, saying, “We' have no obligation to clean up an initiative petition that is flawed. It is unconstitutional and it can't be enforced.”

All council members but Ed Ford agreed and voted accordingly.

A Peace Planters representative said they will not sue, but will rewrite the initiative and be back for try number three.