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Council Says "No" on E-Tax Repeal Initiative

Jan 8, 2010

Kansas City, MO – The latest clash between Mayor Mark Funkhouser and the city council is over a Missouri initiative petition drive that would outlaw the earnings taxes in Kansas City and St, Louis.

Funkhouser told a Kansas City Star reporter last week that he thought the idea merits some consideration. Other council members didn't agree.

Ten council members were ready this week with a resolution condemning the e-tax repeal initiative. They said it would render the city financially helpless, take away revenue equal to the total budget of the fire department plus half of the police department, and make it impossible to sell city bonds for infrastructure.

Council member Cindy Circo called it an attack on Kansas City, and a devastating one because the city has no other game plan for revenue.

Funkhouser urged the council to drop the idea of the resolution and remain open minded to ideas that could bring the city more jobs and more residents. He was unable to persuade them. The council stands resolved against the e-tax repeal measure by a 10 to one vote.