Council Passes Dress Code, MAST Takeover Plan | KCUR

Council Passes Dress Code, MAST Takeover Plan

Apr 3, 2009

Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City, Missouri city council passed an ordinance limiting dress code restrictions and advanced toward making the MAST ambulance service a city department Thursday.

The galleries were filled with MAST employees and their supporters who applauded when anyone made a point for starting the takeover process and waiving the city's residency requirement for present MAST employees unless they voluntarily move.

Councilman Ed Ford spoke for those who would keep the residency requirement and postpone the takeover. But both measures passed.

There was no opposition to the compromise dress code limitations ordinance. Councilwoman Sharon Sanders-Brooks said the result is race-neutral and guarantees that every Power and Light district visitor will be treated fairly and equitably.

In concession to the Power and Light District, the ordinance allows banning undershirt-type t-shirts and long, hanging shirttails.