Council Extends Red Light Cameras, Delays Ethics Code Vote

May 24, 2013

The full Kansas City city council followed through on plans to extend the red-light camera program for another five years Thursday, but a vote on a new city ethics code will wait till next week.

Several council members, including Ed Ford complained that sections of the final version of the lengthy ethics code were vaguely worded and didn't make it clear what was considered unethical and what wasn't.

Ford's comment “No one really understands this," was greeted with laughter from several of his colleagues. Ford continued, "And to say that we'll pass this today and we can correct it or the ethics commission can... There's no urgency that we can't hold off one more week while we get this resolved.”

Finance chair Jan Marcason and ethics project advocate Cindy Circo expressed frustration that the criticisms were not offered earlier, but agreed to take up the code in committee again next week with a goal of a full council vote next Thursday.