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Council Eases Liquor License Law

Sep 2, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Nobody contends that Kansas City doesn't have enough liquor stores. But as negotiations with Trader Joe's proved, grocers don't want to invest in a location where they can't sell liquor.

And councilman Michael Brooks says it isn't just a lack of grocery stores:"Not only is there a food desert, but ther's a convenience store desert in both the third and fifth districts. I can go from my house to downtown and not have anyplace I can stop and get coffee."

The area is also light on stores like Walgreen's and CVS, who also want to sell liquor.

Under the code change the council approved, stores 5,000 square feet and larger that would expect 30 percent or less of their non-gasoline revenues to come from liquor can apply for a license in areas already legally maxed out on liquor stores.

To get the license they still need approval from tneighbors and the city.