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Council Considers Some Privatization

Sep 30, 2010

Kansas City, MO – As the recession continues to plague revenue collections, some Kansas City, Missouri city council members want to consider outsourcing management of some city assets to private companies.

The idea was reborn when Black and Veatch expressed an interest in managing the Blue River Wastewater Treatment facility, but the resolution advanced yesterday by a 2 to 1 Finance Committee vote calls for the city manager to investigate involving the private sector in any city assets and services where there is an interest.

Mayor Funkhouser and Deb Hermann said it's a possible way to save money... and no deals have been made yet.

The mayor added, "We're looking for information. We're looking for ideas. And we will be careful, responsible, transparent stewards of the city's assets."

John Sharp cast the "no" vote. He sided with the city's union workers who say the profits private companies are looking for will mean lower quality service and a loss of jobs in Kansas City.