Council Considers 'Deck' Over I-670 Downtown | KCUR

Council Considers 'Deck' Over I-670 Downtown

Dec 17, 2009

Kansas City, MO – The idea has been around for several years - make the below-grade sections of I-670 between Wyandotte and Oak disappear by capping the freeway with a big deck more than a third of a mile long.

It recently gained momentum when MoDOT said four bridges over 670 in the area would have to be replaced within the next ten to fifteen years. Why not, said some planners, build the deck in conjunction with the bridges.

The result would be a more pleasant landscape, more pedestrian access across the freeway chasm, and reduced noise pollution.

The council isn't voting on whether to spend the estimated $180 million - or even where the money would come from. But they will consider whether to come up with a million or so to fund an 18-month pre-planning study.