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Council Approves Overhaul Base Lease

Jan 22, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – The Kansas City city council wasted no time in approving a lease on the overhaul base at KCI. The proposed deal with Jet Midwest was first announced last week, and today the contract is ready for the inking.

What can you say when you come up with a deal to fill most of a space due to soon become vacant for about $700,000 a year... with the possibility of up to 600 good-paying jobs within three or so years?

"This is great news for Kansas City because we've been 'hemorrhaging,' so to speak, and this is really really good to hear," is what Planning and Zoning chair Terry Riley said.

Under the deal, Jet Midwest will start operations in March with about 160 employees the first year. After the KCI facility is certified by the FAA, the company will consolidate all its operations here.

Jet Midwest representatives say they chose Kansas City because the facility is ideal and Missouri has good educational programs to supply needed technicians.