The Connection Between Sexual Assault And Online Bullying

Oct 22, 2013

Credit Village of Niles / Google Images -- CC

Sexual assault used to be such a taboo issue that it wasn’t even covered by the media. Those affected by sexual assault would often hide in shame, but as it has becomes more public, young people are flocking to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to call names and take sides.

As seen in the Maryville rape case, social media has now become a new battleground for targeting not only the victim of the rape, but also the perpetrator.  Host Elizabeth Alex takes a closer look at the issues of sexual assault and online bullying. 


  • Julie Donelon, President and CEO of MOCSA
  • Robert Harrington, Professor of Psychology, Research, and Education at KU
  • SuEllen Fried, Founder of BullySafe USA