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Condition, Safety Records Probed In Kansas Party Bus Death

May 6, 2013

It may take a week to ten days to learn how and why a woman fell from a party bus into I-35 traffic near the Kansas-Missouri state line and was killed Saturday night.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is scrutinizing the bus, its records and a series of measurements that were taken by investigators Monday along  the death scene pavement.

Jamie Frecks was killed when she fell out of an emergency door of a 14 year old Ford Econoline van turned into a party bus.

Investigators spent hours  the following Monday along I-35 near Southwest Boulevard doing electronic analysis, a second-by-second and sometimes millisecond, timeline study of what happened.

Trooper Howard Dickinson said they were still looking for drivers of vehicles that hit the 26-year-old Kansas City, Kansas woman.

The Highway Patrolman said a search warrant guaranteed a close examination of the van-- “they’re going to use that to check all the safety records, along with all the safety details whether it comes to the door (or) things that probably aren’t germane to the case.”

Dickinson noted that the equipment check would include, “things like fire extinguishers. This vehicle is going to be required to have all that. And we’re going to find out whether they do.”

Dickinson said given the woman’s manner of death it’s important to know every small detail of the bus and what happened leading to Jamie Frecks’ death. 

Speed limit where she was killed is 60.