Concealed Carry Changes Soon To Arrive In Kansas, Senate Votes To Defund DMV in Missouri

The constitutional right to bear arms has long been viewed as a critical American principle. But, does this right threaten public safety or allow us to better shield ourselves from random gun violence?  Starting July 1 it will be legal to bring a concealed weapon into all Kansas buildings with a concealed carry permit unless the building provides "adequate security."  In Missouri, state agencies have been under fire for providing concealed carry permit information to federal agents. In response the Senate has voted to defund the DMV.  Are these bills and laws necessary?  Will they really make us safer? And why do some oppose them?

Reporter Marshall Griffin navigates the developments in Missouri.  Representative Jim Howell who represents southeast Wichita, Kansas and Senator Marci Francisco who serves Lawrence, Kansas help us understand why they voted for and against HB 2052, respectively.  Captain Don Stubbings of the K-State’s Police Department shares how this new law in Kansas will effect his school community starting in July.