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Committee Votes No On Barring Nuke Part Making

Jun 9, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After a lengthy hearing, Kansas City's city council planning and zoning committee has rejected a proposal from a citizens' group to prevent the production of nuclear weapons components at a plant being built in South Kansas City.

The new facility being built on Botts Road would replace the aging one on Bannister Road.

A group called Peace Planters had collected enough signatures to submit their proposal to a a public vote, and in the next step of that process the council could approve the plan without any election.

Mayor Sly James was the first to speak against the idea, about which he said, "It would not change a single thing about our national nuclear posture, we would be successfully challenged by the United States government, and we would send thousands of good-paying jobs elsewhere."

The committee agreed with the mayor, four to one. Under the city charter, the full council still must vote, and if it also does not approve the measure, the council would have to advance it to the November ballot.