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CofC Allows Gay Marriage, 1910 Gardens, Rapper Gee Watts

May 5, 2013

Community Of Christ OKs Gay Marriage And Clergy

The Community of Christ church in Independence.
Credit Alex Smith / KCUR

The Community of Christ church recently added its voice to the chorus of those in favor of equal treatment for gays and lesbians. Two weeks ago, delegates from across the country came to the church’s world headquarters in Independence and voted to allow same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay and lesbians ministers in its US churches.

The Restoration Of Kansas City Museum's Gardens

The Kansas City Museum is in the process of restoring the Corinthian Hall, which includes the surrounding Georgian garden plantings. The hall was built in 1910, and to ensure the plants and methods were historically accurate, the museum enlisted some help from the Westport Garden Club.

Author Tanner Colby On How Discriminatory Real Estate Practices Led To A Divided KC

Author Tanner Colby wondered why almost none of his friends were black. His curiosity led him to explore racial integration in America, and his search led him right to Kansas City. The result was a book written by Colby called, “Some of My Best Friends Are Black,” an examination of discriminatory real estate practices that led to a racial divide in Kansas City and all around the country.

A Hip Hop Collaboration Born On Twitter: Gee Watts and Kendrick Lamar

Many young, urban men see rap music as a ticket to a better, more prosperous life. But few ever even get a start in the music industry. 22-year-old Gee Watts, however, has a good a chance as any. His new mix tape Watts Up has been featured in Quincy Jones’ music magazine, the Source and other major industry publications and blogs--that's all due to collaboration with rising hip hop star Kendrick Lamar.