City's Shortfall Eases But Budget Still Tight | KCUR

City's Shortfall Eases But Budget Still Tight

Oct 15, 2009

Kansas City, MO – After taking last week off, the Kansas City, Missouri City Council went back to work on the budget yesterday and got some relatively good news from the city budget director. Between belt tightening and some revenue windfalls, Kansas City is operating in the black -- at least so far.

Sharp pencil wielder Troy Schulte came out of the budget basement, surveyed the damage of the economic storm and proclaimed it a relatively good day.

"8.6 million is our shortfall," he told the committee. "Add those resources in that we know we're going to receive this year --- of 12.4 million, we're at least 3.8 million dollars in surplus for this period in the general fund."

That's assuming revenues continue at the current pace. Sales tax revenues are down, but those from the earnings tax are up.

One thing that didn't contribute to the brighter picture was the city's new red-light cameras. Schulte says they have brought in about $1.7 million at a cost of 1.7 million.