City and Union Station Reach Agreement on Kansas City Museum

Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City Council is expected to vote Thursday on the compromise between the city and Union Station over issues related to the Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall. The council's Finance and Audit committee yesterday recommended approval. According to the proposed 20 year agreement, Union Station will continue to manage the Kansas City Museum and receive the 1 point 4 million dollar museum levy revenue. The city names the mayor as an ex officio board member of Union Station, and keeps the trademark Kansas City Museum. Union Station President and CEO Andy Udris says it was a give and take.

Udris: some of the concessions that were given by Union Station were discussions of certain objects in the collection, also who owns the actual rights to the title of Kansas City Museum. Union Station gave in to those items to clarify the record...and we now have a 20 year agreement.

Udris says the next step will be seeking renewal of Union Station's professional accreditation as a science and history museum.