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Cindy Hoedel On Life In Matfield Green, Kansas

May 16, 2014

Credit Terry Evans / Courtesy: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

When you live in a town with fewer than 60 residents well, let's just say, there must be something special about it to make you give up the city life.  

Cindy Hoedel did just that when she moved from Kansas City to Chase County, Kansas.  On this edition of Up to Date, Hoedel affirms that the attraction that brought her to the Flint Hills hasn't waned.  Steve Kraske and Hoedel discuss the differences she's experienced between city and country life, what it's like being a former urbanite among native-born rural residents and  how her straw bale gardening is progressing.


  • Cindy Hoedel is a Kansas City Star writer and columnist.  Her weekly interviews, The Conversations, appear in the Star Magazine each Sunday.