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Church Coalition Asks Moore To Back Healthcare Bill

Jan 26, 2010

Kansas City, Kansas – Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore, a Democrat, got a direct appeal to lobby House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others to press the House version of the health care bill.

Moore met in a Kansas City, Kansas church with the group " Communities Creating Opportunity."

Two hundred members of at least fifteen Wyandotte and Johnson County churches made a plea for congressional action on jobs and health care.

He was also asked to continue supporting the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009. The bill would police predatory lenders.

Monica Tyrell listed home foreclosures in the metro region:

"The stories we have heard are more powerful than the statistics we hear on the news because these stories are our realities," said Tyrell.

Moore was asked if he would write Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner to push enforcement of the Home Affordable Modification Act to prevent more foreclosures and easing short term loans to jobless homeowners. Moore agreed.

"This foreclosure crisis that we're in right now , it not only hurts the banks, it hurts the people it hurts our country it hurts our neighborhoods, as you just heard from the testimony here," said Moore.

Moore promised to collect other members of Congress to write the requested message to Geitner and the White House, adding strength to just one congressional voice.