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Choosing Childcare

Apr 4, 2013

From birth, the care and upbringing of a child is a stressful and demanding process. Tough questions that all parents face include who can I leave my child with when I go to work? Am I doing enough to help my child get on track with learning? And for some families, how can I get my child a good meal today? On this Central Standard we are exploring the challenges of childcare and early education for all parents, including the cost of childcare, how the government affects a child's early education and we highlight some local programs that help families in need.

We are joined by Jim Caccamo, Director of the Department of Early Learning and Mid-America Head start at the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), Polly Prendergast, the Director of the Berkley Child and Family Development Center at UMKC and Brijin Gardner, the Director of Clinical and Social Services  at Operation Breakthrough. Our group talks about the importance of early childhood education and the effects a lack of early care can have.

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