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Chastain Run is Nixed: Undeterred

Jan 13, 2011

Kansas City, Mo. – The man who continues to goad Kansas City leadership toward a light rail system maintains he IS a viable candidate for mayor, despite the City Attorney's opinion he cannot run in the general election as a write-in.

Clay Chastain claims city residency the past two years, as required by Charter. About the City Attorney's view, Chastain says, "I don't believe he has that power to make that call. That has to be probably determined in a court. And furthermore, I don't know why they want to challenge it anyway. Nobody doubts that I know this city."

Chastain lives in Virginia now where he has a business. He contends Kansas City has been his secondary residence.

City Attorney Galen Beaufort is definite in his opinion, Chastain actually fails two tests to run. In Beaufort's words, "He has no right to be a write in candidate, first in the general election. You can't skip the primary election and he has not asked to be a write in candidate in the primary election."

Second is the residency matter. Chastain maintains he made the city a second home. Beaufort says owning a residential building does not make someone a resident when they live in the State of Virginia. If Chastain files suit to go on the ballot, Beaufort says he is prepared to defend his case.

Beaufort says the City Clerk will notify Chastain by mail that he cannot be a candidate.

Chastain responds that he was ineligible to run in the primary because Missouri law does not allow write in candidates in primary elections. He says he will fight in court against any move to block his candidacy.