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Charitable Giving: When Doing Good Goes Bad

Nov 26, 2013

A victim of typhoon Haiyan receives a hygiene kit.
Credit Oxfam / flickr Creative Commons

We’re approaching the time of year when people tend to be most generous. But how do you know that your desire to help … is really helping? That your giving is actually doing good and not harm?

Tuesday we take a look at how the best of intentions can sometimes backfire, and how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Host Brian Ellison speaks with a reporter who investigates what can go wrong with charitable giving and with an expert from a local foundation that specializes in getting donations to reputable organizations. Learn how to check out that worthy cause to be sure it’s worthy of your dollars.


  • Amy Costello, host and producer of the podcast Tiny Spark. She has been a producer and reporter for various public radio and television programs, including five years as Africa reporter for PRI's The World.
  • Denise St. Omer, Vice-President of Community Investment at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.