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Charges Filed In Killing Of Edgerton Women

Jul 17, 2012

A Trimble, Missouri man has been charged with killing Brittny Haarup and her sister Ashley Key, the two young women who disappeared from an Edgerton Home on Friday.

Platte County Sheriff Richard Anderson hasn't said what led authorities to Clifford Miller, but he does say that Miller admitted to killing the two sisters. The Sheriff says Miller smoked meth, then went to Haarup's home planning to sexually assault her.

Miller told sheriff's officers that when his plans were thwarted by the presence of Haarup's sister, he killed both of the young women and disposed of their bodies in a farm field.

Prosecutor Eric Zahnd says it's first-degree murder, and he could seek the death penalty, and he will decide whether he will seek the maximum penalty after more study of details of the case.  Zahnd says that under Missouri law, the methamphetamine use Miller claims is not an allowable factor in his defense.

News conference audio was provided by KMBC, TV-9.