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Cerner Projects Massive Growth Over Next Decade

May 18, 2012

Cerner, the $2.2 billion local medical software company that experienced record growth last year, now says it expects revenues to more than double, or triple, over the next decade. 

CEO Neal Patterson told shareholders at its annual meeting today that technology needs have grown a lot since he founded the company 33 years ago.

“Information technology was not ubiquitous to all of our lives then,” said Patterson. 

But now, he said, it’s become a huge part of everyone’s lives.  Looking ahead, Patterson said a main focus for Cerner will be developing technologies that go beyond just making health records electronic, to enabling doctors and other health providers to better identify and prevent diseases and health problems.  Doing so, he said, is a key to curbing the nation’s rising health care costs. 

Patterson, 62, also told shareholders he plans to retire sometime in the next decade.


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