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Cat Tips From The 'Cat Daddy'

May 8, 2013

Jackson Galaxy shares his knowledge of cats on his Animal Planet show, My Cat From Hell.
Credit Wikimedia -- Creative Commons

Let the cat out of the bag.

The cat’s pajamas.

Cat got your tongue?

Curiosity killed the cat.

These are just a few of the saying about cats that show how entrenched they are in our everyday lives. But even as wonderful as cats may be sometimes the relationship between pet and human can be strained.

That’s where cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy steps in. He’s the author of Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me about Life, Love and Coming Clean and the star of the animal planet show My Cat from Hell.

Galaxy wasn't always such a cat fanatic. He didn't grow up around cats, and didn't have a cat of his own until adulthood.

It all started when he took a job at an animal shelter, and met a cat named Benny. Benny came to the shelter after being hit by a car, and through his rehabilitation Galaxy "learned to speak cat."

Benny wasn't the only person who was rehabilitated. Galaxy long struggled with addiction and he was able to find his way out through his relationship with Benny and the  other cats at the shelter.