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Cash Money Crew - Estate Planning

Mar 18, 2013

So are you planning to die? Are you ready for when you end up in the great beyond?  More to the point, what about your assets that don’t make the trip with you? Today on Central Standard, we’re talking about the not exactly uplifting, but nevertheless important topic of estate planning. Our Cash Money Crew is here and … you may not believe this ... but it’s not such a downer, really!  Financial planners will tell you that some good decisions now, now while you’re in the prime of life, can have an impact down the road: You can feel secure, live more comfortably now and through your retirement, and have an impact beyond your earthly years.

 Sandi Weaver, David Jackson and Randy Gardner help us understand the differences between wills and trusts, about how to make sure the people you love and the things you care about get what they need, and about what to do now for payoff later … hopefully much later.