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Carnahan Swings At Likely GOP Foe

May 18, 2010

Independence, Mo. – The theme is clear and not unique. Fair bidding on government contracts, no more earmarks and bailouts are legs on which Robin Carnahan sets her Missouri U.S. Senate campaign. She brought the message to Independence today.

The Rolla Democrat and current Secretary of State says all pork must go, not just for a trial period but permanently. She's not against federal spending. She wants transparency, where the money comes from and where it goes. That's her starting point, followed by contract overpayments-- "I know that seems pretty obvious, but listen to this. Just in two thousand nine alone the government overpaid over 98 billion dollars to contractors and agencies"

Carnahan calls that fraud and incompetence among bureaucrats. She accused her likely general election opponent, Roy Blunt of fostering earmarks while talking another game back home with voters.