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Can Lawmakers Wrap 2013 Session in 80 Days?

Feb 11, 2013

It's about a month into the 2013 legislative session, but the top Democrat in the House is questioning if lawmakers will be able to wrap up in 80 days as planned. Representative Paul Davis, a Lawrence Democrat, says legislators will soon need to decide if they'll support the governor's tax proposal or perhaps create their own proposal.

“I’m hopeful and supportive of trying to finish in 80 days, but the prospects of doing that, I think, are getting bleaker,” says Davis.

Davis says the budget writing process will take time, and what lawmakers do with taxes will affect the budget process. But House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, believes they'll meet the 80 days deadline. Speaking on Friday, he said they knew big issues would be on the table when they set the 80 day goal.

“We’re working on Fridays, which is unheard of.  We’re going to run bills next Monday.  We ran bills today.  You know, we’re full steam ahead,

The normal length for the legislative session is 90 days.