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Campus Organizers Worry About Political Apathy

Sep 28, 2012

Student activists at Kansas City Community College worry young people are not as  interested in the upcoming elections as they should be.

On National Voter Registration Day earlier this week, the League of Women Voters had a voter registration booth on the campus of Kansas City Community College in Kansas City, Kansas.

The League reported a steady stream of students and faculty registering, but Molly Mahon, head of the political club on campus, said she worried students didn't know much about the issues or the candidates.

"You see a lot of 'I don't really care, I don't really have an opinion,'  when they really should have an opinion," Mahon said.

But another voter, Colin Stirling, said he was paying attention, but undecided. 

"I don't really have an opinion, I'm going the actual debates between the two candidates."

The League of Women Voters is taking its voter registration booth around the metro area in Kansas as the last day to register approaches on October 17th.  Advance voting in Kansas begins the next day.

The registration occurred before, during, and after a question and answer period with 3rd District Congressman Kevin Yoder.  His district includes Kansas City, Kansas. An unscientific poll after the meeting revealed mixed reactions to the Congressman's positions of limited government, lower taxes and conservative views of social issues.