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From Cameroon To Kansas City: Lessons In Culture Shock

Jul 13, 2009

Kansas City, MO – When Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi came to Kansas City from Cameroon to teach, he experienced some intense culture shock. He was surprised to realize his years as a language and culture instructor in the US Peace Corps had not prepared him. Ngomsi quickly discovered that cultural misunderstandings could derail friendships, relationships with co-workers and even his career. Undaunted, he shifted his career to his new passion; educating others about cultural differences. In his book, Shocking Cultures--Hilarious and Disastrous Challenges of Foreign Workers in the USA he shares his experiences. KCUR's Susan B. Wilson caught up with Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi recently to talk about the painful lessons he learned as a French teacher in a Kansas City Magnet School.

Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi is the president of All World Languages and Cultures, Inc, a diversity training and consulting firm.

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