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Businesses Stay Open in Blizzard

Feb 1, 2011

Kansas City, Mo. – The enormous winter storm continued pummeling the Midwest, closing roads and forcing thousands of flight cancellations as it lumbered eastward. By evening most of Kansas City was shut down. But a number of businesses, like this little hardware store in Midtown, welcomed a steady stream of customers staggering in out of the blizzard.

Shopkeeper Ty Gadino says, "Can't close. People need this stuff: shovels, ice melt, kerosene, anything to keep warm."
Customer: "I knew you guys would be open."
Gadino: "See, that's why I stay open (laughs). Sleep here if I have to."

The temperature is dropping. The National Weather Service says the wind chill could hit 25 below Fahrenheit by Wednesday morning.