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Bus System Rumbling Toward Financial Void

Mar 11, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – The Area Transportation Authority expects to be in a tough financial state by 2013. It faces possibility of cuts in service by one-third. The message was delivered to the Kansas City Council this afternoon.

A major impact will come from loss of one-time federal stimulus money.

ATA General Manager Mark Huffer told the council, surplus funding will run out in 2013 and there has to be replacement money in place by then. He sees a regional transit tax as best option--" The city of 400 thousand people in a region of 2.1 (million) can't be the only one with a dedicated tax for something as critical to basic economic development, quality of life as public transit."

The city's been reluctant to go that route, but Huffer said it is the best lever to push. Kansas City now pays 54 percent of ATAs budget.