Brownback Urges Lawmakers To Pass Tax Compromise | KCUR

Brownback Urges Lawmakers To Pass Tax Compromise

May 17, 2012

Gov. Sam Brownback is pushing lawmakers to pass a tax-cutting compromise. It's an alternative to a massive tax-cutting bill that's already sitting on the governor's desk, awaiting his signature.

Brownback says he will sign it, unless a different version is approved.

"I met with both House and Senate leadership this morning, really urging them to take up the tax compromise bill," Brownback said. "I think it's a good bill."

The compromise package would reduce personal income tax rates. It would also reduce and eventually eliminate income taxes on more than 190,000 businesses in Kansas.

Overall, it's less costly than the plan that's already been approved, but legislative staff say the bill would still significantly reduce the amount of money the state brings in from tax collections.