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Brownback Unveils School Finance Proposal

Dec 14, 2011

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback spelled out the details of his school finance overhaul Wednesday. It would allow local taxpayers to raise property taxes as high as they wanted for education. Currently, school districts can only raise  a limited amount of funding from property taxes: a maximum of 30 percent of the funding they receive from the state.

The proposal also drops “weightings” used to give school districts more money for transportation costs, bilingual education, at-risk students and other factors.  Instead, districts will now receive more money through a “supplemental equalization fund” and superintendents would have more control over how the money is spent.

Brownback says no school would receive less money under the plan.

The proposed school finance plan would take effect in July 2013.  Brownback’s office estimates it would cost an additional $39 million a year.  Schools now receive $3 billion from the state.