The Book Doctors Jan 22, 2009 | KCUR

The Book Doctors Jan 22, 2009

The Book Doctors join us to share the latest in literary news and to share what's new on their reading lists.

Kansas City , Mo. –


Book Doctor Recommendations

Steve Paul's Recommendations
* A Mercy, Toni Morrison
* Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama
* Year of the Dog, Henry Chang

Mark Luce's Recommendations
* Virgil's The Aeneid, Stanley Lombardo
* Screamland, Harold Sipe & Hector Casanova
* Arabian Nights, Mary Zimmerman
* Metamorphosis, Mary Zimmerman>

Jeffery Anne Goudie Recommendations
* The Uncommon Reader,by Alan Bennett
* This One is Mine, by Maria Semple
* Inherit the Wind, by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Caller Suggestions
* The History Boys, by Alan Bennett
* Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols And the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights, by Diane Eickhoff