Board Votes, Again, To Sever KC Museum Ties With Union Station | KCUR

Board Votes, Again, To Sever KC Museum Ties With Union Station

Oct 14, 2013

The Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall in 2005.
Credit Scutter / Creative Commons

The Kansas City Museum Advisory Board on Monday approved a plan recommending the Kansas City Museum separate from Union Station. The board meeting opened with a Sunshine Law training. The last time the board voted on this issue, the city attorney’s office said it violated the state’s open meetings law.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Guarino told board members that with a group like this, most of the violations come from "not knowing." In July, a vote circulated by online survey, to accept the board’s proposed business plan, did not comply with the law. But Monday’s vote did. And the plan, calling for severing the city’s management contract with Union Station, passed 5 to 4.

The plan also suggests a new governing structure for the city-owned Kansas City Museum, including a newly formed 501(c)(3), the Kansas City Museum Foundation, to operate as a governing board. Some board members say this would help boost fundraising, and return the museum’s accreditation.

But, as Guarino pointed out, the board only serves in an advisory capacity.

Board members and council members Jim Glover and Jan Marcason voted against the plan. Glover said he and Marcason would "take it under advisement."

Marcason said that discussions were in progress, but nothing had been decided. She did say that "We're working through the contract. I think everyone's comfortable that separation is where (it's) going."