Blunt Gives Go Ahead to Regional Transit Bill | KCUR

Blunt Gives Go Ahead to Regional Transit Bill

Kansas City, MO – Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed a bill authorizing six Kansas City area counties to work together to develop a regional transit system. The bill allows the counties to set up a planning commission and, with voter approval, levy a sales tax of up to half a cent to pay for any transit plan. Mid-America Regional Council executive director David Warm says getting this bill signed is only the first step.

David Warm: "We're focused in 2007 on securing compatible legislation in Kansas that will allow us to move forward with a unified public transit proposal for voters across the state line. "

The Kansas legislature failed to pass a similar bill this year, but is expected to take it up again next year. If Kansas does not approve similar legislation by next July, the Missouri counties can move forward on their own.