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Blunt Co-Sponsors Bill to Streamline Government Regulations

Aug 1, 2013

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri introduced a bill Wednesday he says will streamline some government regulations and do away with others altogether.

The bill would have Congress create a new commission, which would take input from the public on which regulations are outdated, unnecessary, or too much of a burden. That commission would report back to Congress with recommendations of what changes to make.

In a press release, Blunt said too many confusing regulations are stifling economic growth. The bill is co-sponsored by Senator Angus King of Maine.  Blunt is a Republican, and King is an Independent, although he caucuses with the Senate Democrats.

The bill, called the “Regulatory Improvement Act of 2013,” would ensure a bipartisan, independent commission that would gather feedback from a very broad spectrum.

Under that bill, the commission’s report would then be placed on the calendar for an up-or-down vote without amendment.