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Biden Thunders At GOP: Attack Ads On Point

Oct 9, 2008

Liberty, Mo. – Barack Obama's running mate stormed and fumed at the GOP economic proposals of Senator John McCain. Senator Joseph Biden was addressing a filled-fieldhouse at William Jewel College at Liberty, Mo.
Biden lashed out at attack ads, and contends McCain doesn't have the nerve to make accusations of disloyalty to Obama face to face.
Biden hailed Obama's plan that he says will cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans who earn paychecks, suggesting the McCain tax plan is only folly. Biden proposes spending $15 billion a year to expand renewable energy and he put a heartland label on it,biofuels. In his words.
get your farmers back on the job. Give them something to produce for. Allow them to make some money. Why spend 350 billion dollars a year pouring it into the sands of Saudi Arabia, pour it into the soil of the Midwest ladies and gentlemen..

McCain spokeswoman Wendy Reiman is quick to counter Biden's statements saying a quick review of Obama and Biden records proves their promises and pitches are not reliable.