Barbershop Quartets: More Than Bow Ties & Boater Hats

Apr 4, 2012

The barbershop quartet has been around a long time...and it's still around. And the modern barbershop quartets are much more than bow ties and boater hats.

The Heart of America Barbershop Chorus will be in full swing with a show on April 14th.  In the last portion of Wednesday's Up to Date, barbershop quartet singers Dave Krause, Matt Moore, Rob Mathieu, and Jeff Wolff join Steve Kraske to talk about the modern-day barbershop quartet and sing some "tags" for us in the Up to Date studios.

Hear More: The Heart of America Barbershop Chorus presents Smile, darn ya, Smile!, Saturday April 14 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. at Yardley Hall in Johnson County Community College's Carlsen Center. Call 913 469 4445 for tickets.