Bannister Redevelopment Continues To Advance | KCUR

Bannister Redevelopment Continues To Advance

Aug 15, 2013


Plans for redevelopment of the old Bannister Mall area are moving ahead. A City Council committee heard a very optimistic report Wednesday.

The committee that handles economic development approved the city's application for nearly $11 million in state tax breaks for the developer, Cerner Corporation.

Councilman John Sharp told the committee that the state development finance board has already approved the incentives and signs of activity will be seen soon.

"We'll see demolition this summer and fall of the vacant buildings on the site such as the old Hyper-Mart, that really are way past any additional reuse, and we'll see the work done to make the property ready for development," Sharp said.

Councilman Sharp and colleague Scott Taylor say Cerner's latest plans for the area include more office space and less retail than originally suggested, but the developers will contribute $8 million to neighborhood and infrastructure improvement, and that should encourage more retail.