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Auto Shop Spans Generations

Mar 30, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Last month on KC Currents, Wesley Lona talked about his life and history in Kansas City, just after he turned 100 years old. Lona was a mechanic, and founded an automotive business on the Westside more than 65 years ago.

After we aired this interview with Wesley Lona, Susan became curious about visiting the next generation of his automotive shop.

Wesley Lona's grandsons were crazy about "lowriders," and have brought some new ideas to the car business. The Lona's now transform ordinary cars into attention-grabbing showpieces, using special paint, hydraulics, over-sized wheels and custom upholstery.

KCUR's Susan B. Wilson stopped by the shop on Southwest Boulevard, where the lot was full of old Impalas and Cutlass's, each waiting its turn. She spoke to Wesley Lona's son Charles and grandsons Tim and Chris Lona, who all work together in the family business Lona and Sons Automotive on Southwest Boulevard.

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