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Anatomy of the Pedal Steel Guitar

Local musician Russ Wever has been playing the pedal steel guitar for more than forty years. He's performed at the Grand Ole Opry and on Broadway, and has had a big influence in the pedal steel guitar world.

Kansas City, MO – When you see a pedal steel guitar it doesn't look much like a guitar. Laid out horizontally, the pedal steel has two necks and a lot of foot pedals and knee levers. Though its roots come from the guitar, this version of the instrument has the ability to do much more.

Here in Kansas City, Russ Wever teaches up-and-coming pedal steel players. KC Currents intern Tim Bridgham met with Wever to find out what gives it that distinct sound.

Beginning in the spring, pedal steel guitarist Russ Wever be playing with Byron Jones at the Northtown Opry on Saturday nights.

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