Among Toughest In Nation: Missouri Immigration Laws To Begin

Jul 7, 2008

Penned into law by Missouri's governor, a host of rules governing illegal immigration will go into effect in August. Another provision that will affect Kansas City law enforcement will become effective in January 2009.

Most immediate changes will bar the state from issuing Missouri driver licenses to illegal immigrants. Provisions set criminal penalties for those who assist illegals in obtaining those licenses; require verification of legal employment status of every public employee; and enact provisions to punish employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

In January, cities are barred from acting as sanctuaries for illegals. Some have termed Kansas City such a sanctuary. Police Chief Jim Corwin has stated he is opposed to having his officers acting as e immigration codes enforcers. Governor Matt Blunt says he is unaware if Kansas City is a haven for illegals. But that, if it is, there is all more reason for the new laws.