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Akin On ‘Dog’ Comment: Everybody Knew What I Meant

Oct 22, 2012

Republican Congressman Todd Akin is defending his statement comparing his opponent, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, to a dog.

Over the weekend, Akin garnered national ire for saying McCaskill is like a dog that fetches taxes and regulations from D.C. and brings them back to Missouri.

On the St. Louis Public Radio Program “St. Louis on the Air” on Monday, Akin said that any attention to those statements is just a distraction.

"So you used the wrong word in terms of ‘fetching,’ Maybe you could have used something else. But everybody understood what I meant," said Akin. "We’re talking about bringing regulations. There’s nothing anything complicated about that."

Akin says it bothers him that people would focus on those statements rather than comparing the two candidates’ records.