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Airport Plan Would Bring Changes To KCI

Oct 22, 2012

Observers have been given their first up-close look at the latest vision for the future KCI Airport, all built on the site of current Terminal A.  

It would change many familiar features at the airport from baggage handling to transportation around and inside the proposed complex.

The ambitious plan has yet to get approval from the two most important panels that need to go on the record in favor--the City of Kansas City and the federal regulators of the air transport business.

Response before the City Council late last week was more positive than not.

To those who say the city doesn't need a new airport, Councilman Russ Johnson noted the current system is outdated and inefficient.

Aviation Director Mark Van Loh said the design would allow smoother flow of traffic, cars, cabs and buses. Bags will be checked right at the drop off point inside.

“You’ll be able to pick up and drop off your loved ones at your leisure without anybody standing over you making sure you move on, because there will be no congestion. And  the beauty of this is  that it’s all covered, from the terminal, away from the elements. And it also gives our cabs and limos a place to wait for customers rather than what we do currently, put them in a pen and call them as we need them,” said Van Loh.

Individual gates would no longer belong to an airline. Van Loh said a flash drive inserted in to a USB port would make any gate suitable to any arrival or departure.

The final design isn't confirmed and Van Loh says may be a year and a half in the future.