Airport Bus Privatization Plan Gets A Flat 'No' From Council

Apr 26, 2013

A city council that is nodding yes on airport officials' study of a new single terminal concept at KCI was not impressed with a plan to privatize the bus service at the airport.

Opposition to a proposed 5-year contract for Standard Parking to operate the familiar red and blue buses was overwhelming yesterday. Councilman Scott Taylor was the most direct in his objections.

Taylor commented, “Airport management has sent mixed messages on this in the past by saying, 'We will privatize, and it will be great for everybody because you'll keep your jobs... but we're going to cut your pay pretty significantly... but you can make that up with tips.' I find that very offensive.”

After many expressions of concern about quality of service and employee morale, the final vote was 11 - 2 against privatizing the buses at KCI.