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African Centered Schools, Bike-Share, My Farm Roots

Jul 9, 2012

The show for July 8, 2012. Click "Listen" to hear the entire show; see below for individual stories:

The Split In African Centered Education
There’s been a changing of the guard at Kansas City's African Centered schools.  It's a program that was started more than two decades ago by school leaders and community members who believed that teaching children from an afro-centric perspective would lead to greater self-esteem and academic achievement. The district has now stepped in and appointed a new principal for the African-Centered campus. But the founders of the original schools, and some of the parents, say they are going their own way. 

My Farm Roots
A lot of people in the Kansas City area have very close ties to agriculture. Whether they work on a farm now, or grew up on one and left, or their ancestors settled in the region to work the land.  This summer Harvest Public Media is exploring the farm heritage of people in our area in a series is called My Farm Roots.

What All Star Tourists Should See In KC
With the All-Star Games here, Kansas City is expected to have a lot of extra activity this week.  KC Current's intern Zack Lewandowski went by the plaza branch of the Kansas City Public Library to ask residents what they thought visitors should do while in town.

Bike-Share Rolls Into Downtown Kansas City
A new bicycle rental program, called B-Cycle, launched in Kansas City last week. By midmorning on Tuesday, dozens of organizers and volunteers road ninety, newly assembled bikes into downtown and placed them at recently installed stations around the area.  The new program is similar to ones that already exist in Washington D.C., Denver, and other cities around the world.

The Dog Days Of Summer Start Early
Sweaty days are expected to continue throughout the month.  Heat waves like this would be expected in late July or early August, but to begin this early in June is uncommon.  Excessive heat can cause health problems, be an economic burden and can have harsh environmental impacts. 
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